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Fitness 401

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We all go through seasons of life, the good, the bad and the downright ugly; and the same came can be said for our fitness routines. Growing up, I swam 6-7 days a week, 2 hours a day- you could say I was a little competitive….;)

Once I stopped swimming my sophomore year of college, I didn’t know what to do with myself. After gaining 15 pounds ( it’s called eating the same snickers ice cream bar everyday like I was still swimming….), I quickly realized I needed to find a new fitness routine. 

I went through personal training, HIIT workouts, yoga, spinning, barre, pure barre- pretty much every workout you can think of. For the past 6 years, I would go through “workout phases” of trying different workouts- some lasted longer than others- but regardless or which phase I was in- I was still working out 5-6 days a week. Now let’s get one thing straight- I wasn’t working out for pure enjoyment- it was partly because it was a mental release and partly because I was afraid to gain weight again. I’m not one to assume- but based on conversations with friends- I feel as though most people genuinely feel that way. 

When we moved to the ‘burbs this past summer- everything started to change. Now let’s be real-, the gym is only 10 minutes from our house- but I started to love family time more and more- something just clicked with me. Prior to moving, we lived in the city, so Stefan would walk Charlie every morning ( and most nights when I would teach pure barre). I started to have this guilt- I wanted to be there for the walks with Charlie. I know it sounds silly- but I missed that dang dog ( we don’t have children yet, so he’s our child- and our cat Sue). So when we moved I told Stefan I wanted to start walking Charlie in the morning and we could take turns. Soon after this time, work began to pick up and I have been in a transition phase so everything got a bit crazier.

I found that these walks with Charlie were my FAVORITE time of the day- there really is nothing like fresh air to soothe your soul. I also found that when we walked Charlie together at night that we had no phones or TV as a distraction and had some of our best conversations as a newly married couple- the good, the bad, and the ugly ( hint:  I would speed walk ahead of Stefan). 

All of this goes to say: I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in 6 months. Do I miss it? Absolutely. But what I found is that in my current season of life- at home workouts are what works for me. I want to be on my time right now. With extra work hours ( I say that lightly- it’s more additional responsibility where I struggle to step away), a dog that loves his 2 hour walks a day and a house that we work hard to keep tidy- there’s a lot to do and not enough time. 

Here are a few of my tips if you are in a current season of life where you are struggling to go to the gym, self motivate yourself at home- whatever your situation may be:

1. Try obe fitness or another online streaming workout. I have been a member of obe fitness over the summer and I LOVE it. Here are some quick facts about obe:

 – There are live classes AND on demand ( or replay) classes- so if you still want live instruction, sign up for the live classes and if you can’t make it- take the on demand class. You can stream all classes from your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. 

– There are several different types of workouts: HIIT, yoga, dance cardio, barre based workouts, etc. 

-They run challenges throughout the year if you want that extra push of motivation!

– You can try obe fitness for a 7 day free trial and either cancel or continue for $27/month- I HIGHLY suggest the free trial- you literally have nothing to lose!!! My personal favorite instructors are Megan Roup (her sweat and sculpt classes) and Walter K (his sculpt classes are ridic). 

2. If online workouts aren’t your thing and you need to go somewhere, grab a workout buddy. If you read my post about being an introverted extrovert, then you know that I am a HUGE fan of a workout date with a friend. You not only get to break a sweat, but you also get to spend time with a girlfriend doing it! I love going to a spin class(I love Rev cycle in the baltimore area), barre class (try pure barre) or yoga class (Coppermine Athletic Club in Towson with Nila and Dani) with friends! 

3. Control what you can(i.e. meal prep). There are going to be days you plan to go to the gym after work and all of a sudden you have a last minute meeting and can’t make it- you can plan the best you can to get a workout in but sometimes other “duties” call. This is why I LOVE to meal prep- I have a finicky stomach so I grab some salad mixes from Trader Joes ( their Southwest Chopped and Veggies and Green salad kits are my favorite) and on Sunday’s Stefan preps some shrimp and old bay and I put it on those mixes for the entire week. This way I know that if I miss a workout- I’m doing the best I can to eat healthy and at the end of the day- we do the best we can!

4. DRINK H20. I don’t know why, but I struggle so badly with drinking enough water. I know I should be drinking half my body weight in water ( at least) a day- but that’s a lot of jugs of water people! I started telling myself to drink a 20 oz water bottle to each cup of coffee a day ( I normally have 2 cups a day) & then have 16 oz in the am and pm. Does this always work? Heck no- but we’re going for progress not perfection right?!

5. Above all else- give yourself a break. If I am mentally a wreck, there’s no chance for me physically. If you find yourself needing a mental break, try mindful meditation. I personally use my outdoor walks to help clear my head space- I also listen to a podcast during our evening walks if Stefan isn’t with us- to help motivate & educate myself on various topics. My current favorite podcast is the Boss Files with Poppy Harlow- she talks with various leaders about hot topics around the country and I love hearing the different perspectives. I also recently started listening to the goop podcast and it’s fantastic- the very first episode is with Oprah and the woman is astounding. 

I hope you find these suggestions are helpful- and remember-you’re not alone in your journey 🙂 Drop a comment below or message me if you have other suggestions or found one of the above to be especially helpful!






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