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Let’s talk self tanner, self tanner

I’m going to be honest with y’all- the title of this blog post is supposed to be sung to the tune of “Let’s get physical” by Olivia Newton-John. Why you might ask? I literally have no idea. The sun didn’t set until 7 pm today ( YES SPRING) and I’m feeling a little weird, so I’m going to embrace it. 

Now, let’s get down to it: self tanner. I am Italian and embrace the tan. You heard me, i EMBRACE it. However, I also embrace my health. When I am in the sun I am lathered up in SPF 50, YUP. But when it’s winter and it’s cold out, I start to miss my Italian tan. & that my friends is where the self tanner comes into play. 

I have been using St. Tropez for quite a few years now thanks to one of my favorite bloggers who introduced me (@laurenkaysims). I specifically am a fan of their Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse. Now, I don’t want to scare you, but there is a difference  between this product and the other products they sell so what I am about to share is intended for this 3 hour mousse only! Also, please note that the self tanner comes in many sizes so if you want to try it out- order a small bottle first to make sure you like it rather than the $44 bottle ( this will last you 3 months though if you apply weekly like me!) 

Before I get into all the St. Tropez details and my tips & tricks, I want to clear the air on the Isle of Paradise self tanning drops. Did I like the drops? Yes. Are they my favorite? No. They are only $30, but they don’t last as long and I found it easier to streak with the drops. In addition, my hands were always three shades lighter than the rest of me and it just bothered me. HOWEVER, for a quick fix tan, it does the trick! Here is the blog post where I talk about them and my tips/tricks. 

OKAY, now we’re ready. Self tanning tips 101 for the St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. 

1. EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE. I’m not kidding- this will ruin any self tanner tan if you don’t exfoliate/shave beforehand. 

2. Use a mit– you cannot get away with using your hand for this mousse. Invest in the $6.50 mit. It’s worth it! I’ve had mine for years. I rinse it in water until the water runs clear after use and then place it over a cheap dark washcloth to dry (it will drip the tanning colors so you want to dry it somewhere where it won’t get on anything). 

3. How to apply:  I apply approximately 2-3 pumps for each calf and 3-4 for my thighs. Arms get about 3 pumps each and then chest and tummy get another 3 pumps each. I switch which hand the mit is on for each side of my body, unless you’re ambidextrous or something. Which is also v impressive in itself. 

 As for my back, Stefan applies it to my back for me- but before we were dating I had my roomate apply it while I held my towel on the front and wore shorts HAHA just keepin’ it real. To be honest, unless I’m planning on wearing a swimsuit I don’t even bother to put it on my back. I do make sure to hit my ankles and then close my fingers and put a layer on the top of my hand ( they get tan too!). I don’t wash my hands afterwards so they can get tan but make sure that your fingertips are tight together when you apply the tanner, otherwise it will get between your fingers (it’s happened to me and it’s not the end of the world- you will get through it). 

4. After you are finished applying, take some lotion and put a thin layer on your knee caps, elbows, ankles and wrist creases– this is where the self tanner can gather so it’s good to stay ahead of it and make sure it’s even 🙂 

5. Wear some dark, loose clothing- wait 3 hours and then shower it off! I wait 4-5 hours sometimes so my tan develops a bit darker but besides that, you are ready to go with your new tan! When you shower, you will see the color come off- don’t be alarmed, it’s normal! It will take another 5-6 hours to develop after your shower.When you hop out of the shower, I make sure to apply more lotion so my skin isn’t too dry. 

Some common questions I get asked:

1. Does it come off when you sweat? The answer is : it depends. It always is isn’t it? If you’re going to go to hot yoga the next day, yes, this will start to come off. If you are taking a run or a barre class- I have not experienced it rubbing off. I have practiced some dance cardio, pure barre and long walks and haven’t had it run at all. 

2. Does it stain your white clothes? No. I have not experienced the self tanner rub off on my white clothes. TBH I think any stain on my white clothes is from my deodorant not my self tanner hahaha. To be safe, I do wait a good 12 hours before wearing white after I’ve showered off the self tanner. 

3. Does it smell? Barely- and even so- you’re showering afterwards so you don’t feel icky!

4. Arguably the most important, DOES IT STREAK?! I can say with 100% certainty, this has never streaked on me. I will say you need to make sure you hit each angle on your arm, etc. But I don’t sit there staring at each spot making sure I hit everything, I look in the mirror, make sure I didn’t miss something glaring and that’s it! & trust me, if I can do it-you can too.  

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or send me an email! Have a great day!





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