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3 budget friendly centerpieces for your kitchen table

Y’all, I am so excited to share this post with you! I am by no means an interior decorator, nor do I have an ounce of creativity in my body ( okay maybe 2 ounces), but I get so excited when I talk table centerpieces. I have to credit these centerpieces to my two friends, Gab and Jen, who gave me the inspiration for these ideas through their creativity šŸ™‚ With that being said, let’s get to it:

#1 The Lantern

I’ve had this lantern a few months now and I’ve actually moved it around quite a few times. It started on the table like this- then moved to a side table- and is now sitting to the right of our TV stand on the floor. My point is: you can put this lantern anywhere- I’ve even seen it on covered porches with multiple sizes and it looks great! ANYWHO, this look is super easy to create and here is how:

1. Grab your lantern- thisĀ lanternĀ is from Kirklands and is 30% off today (making it under $18) with the code MEGASALE. They also have several different types of distressed woods. I recommend shipping to the store so you don’t have to pay for shipping!

2. Grab an unscented candle for the center- I say unscented because you won’t be lighting it and it’s cheaper- likeĀ this oneĀ from Target. Place the candle in the center of the lantern and then work your way around it with step #3.

3. Grab a vase filler and style it up! I loveĀ this oneĀ from Target right now with Spring right around the corner! They also have similar options at home goods and kirklands.Ā 

That’s it! It’s so easy and you can complete the look for under $35!Ā 


For some reason, this tiered standĀ gives me all the princess vibes, don’t ask me why, it just does! I love this stand because it’s simple and fun to add your favorite trinkets to dress it up for different holidays or occasions. We’re still in the winter mode over here šŸ™‚ I added my currentĀ favorite mug( sold out so linking similar), amazon findĀ hand lotionĀ I told y’all about, some polaroid pictures and gold speckled votive candlesĀ ( we used them as center pieces for our wedding dinner šŸ™‚ ).Ā 

Here is my advice for the tiered stand: start with a theme or color and stick to it. Ours is a hodge podge right now to be honest, we have the green theme going on and then the heart mug for the Valentines day twist! haha. I try to keep things in the same color scheme: green, pink and gold is where I landed for January!

This set is more expensive than the lantern ( the stand is $40); however, you get to dress it up/down for each holiday which is what makes it so much fun! For summer, I’m thinking some clementines and a fun colored candle!

#3 serving tray

Y’all, I just switched over to this centerpeice today and LOVE it! It’s so simple: start with a large serving tray, add a candle, a colorful piece and vase and you’re done! Since I just got these items today, let me share them with you because I got the small pink candle, white/brown vase and tray for under $30! I started with this Hearth and Hand ( are you really surprised?) trayĀ (size medium!)- I love that it comes in 3 sizes! I then added thisĀ pink candle-scent is wildberry poppy (our house is smelling amazing),Ā white/brown vaseĀ filled with theseĀ paper strawsĀ Ā and then my favoriteĀ anthropologie candleĀ ( also consider thisĀ hearth and hand candleĀ in sugared birch- uh-mazing).Ā 

By the way, I may need to make this a separate blog post, but did y’all know you can repurpose used candles? You just soak the inside of the candle in soap and hot water for a few hours, take out the old wax, and then you can use a pretty anthropologie candles to store matches, q tips or cotton balls in the bathroom, etc. Cool right?!

I hope y’all loved this post! Please tag me if you create a centerpeice- I’d LOVE to see them/ we could all use each other’s creative inspo!Ā 


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