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4 of my faves: beauty/hair products

Alright y’all, for all the readers that like the cliff notes version of things- this post is for you! ( & if you’ve never used cliff notes before, well, it got me through high school English class is all I’m sayin’- it basically summarizes each chapter of a book into one paragraph for those chapter quizzes 🙂 ). 

ANYWHO, the picture above about sums up 4 of my favorite ( and budget friendly) beauty items. Now, let’s introduce these four wonders (click picture for the link):

Okay, let me sum it up for you:

  1. Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss- I have gotten several of the Bobbi Brown lip colors and this is why I love them : they last and my lips don’t get dry. I have a pet peeve of certain lipsticks or lip glosses drying out my lips and I love Bobbi Brown in particular because my lips stay hydrated throughout the day EVEN THOUGH I am wearing this lipgloss non-stop. If you want the color to be deeper or would like an all-day look without reapplying (once or at all), I also suggest using this lip liner as well! 
  2.  Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray- First of all, shout out to my girl Natalie at The Loft for introducing me to rosewater facial spray after my eyebrow appointments (she’s the best BTW if you live in Baltimore for eyebrows or lashes). I love this facial spray because it’s simple with the ingredients (very few) and it leaves me feeling refreshed- and my skin moisturized after I’ve just put on some make-up. So yes, I use this spray as my finishing spray because someone once told me too and it works well for me and smells amazing- so that’s all I got! haha. Also, this sucker is $7 so I V highly recommend trying it- if anything spray it on your face before bed- it’s like a 10 second spa experience- and I think we can all agree we will take any spa time we can get- am I right?!
  3.  Speckled Hair Clips- I got these in my stocking for Christmas and always carry one with me in my purse in case of a “hair emergency”. They’re perfect for pinning your hair up halfway and the speckles add a fun touch. I will definitely be using these more often when it gets hot out and I need to throw some of my hair up! If you have thicker hair or like a larger clip, I suggest these. 
  4.  Last but not least, the Island of Paradise self tanning drops- ahhh to be tan again. Don’t mind me while I reminisce on the warmer sunny days while it’s currently 30 degrees outside….
Alright, here is what you need to know about these drops:
1. They are consistently sold out at Sephora which can be frustrating- if they are, use this direct link to the UK store. I did it and got my drops within a week and had no issues whatsoever! Yes, if you use the Sephora link I get credit and get to see how many of you purchased it, but also, I am NOT someone to hold up a girl from getting her tan on, so by all means, do what you need to do!! 
2. I use the dark tanning drops- I use about 6 drops total for each arm, 6 drops total for my chest and neck area, 3 drops on my back (because who really cares), 6 drops for each leg (I could probably use closer to 10 here) and I use this Coola self tanner on my face that I AM IN LOVE WITH (more on that another day). Now, I have seen other people use the drops on their face and have no issues, but I can’t personally speak to that. If you want to be more/less tan, use more/less than what I said above- see what works best for you. 
3. How to use them? It’s super easy. Take the desired amount of drops into your palm with your normal body lotion, rub your hands together and lather up. That’s it. 
4. Now, here are some tips I have learned along the way:
*exfoliate beforehand!!
* take it easy around the creases( elbows, knees, ankles, neck and wrists)
*THOROUGHLY wash your hands after, including the sides of your hands and your wrists ( this gets me every time y’all)

The worst thing that has happened to me is my hands were slightly orange in the creases when I forgot to wash my hands the first time and I was 100% okay- so if you’re nervous about using the drops- just use a small amount the first time and build up to your desired color. & if you turn a little orange, please tell me so we can all laugh WITH YOU. haha just kidding!!!! It’s not bad- I PROMISE! 

Alright y’all, that’s it- the cliff notes version of 4 beauty/hair products I am currently loving! Do y’all want to see this more often? Sen me a message via instagram or leave a comment below 🙂 I’d love to hear from you!

xoxo, Ash


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