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How to Style a Leather Jacket 3 Ways

If you would’ve told me a few weeks ago that I would be writing a blog post on how to style a leather jacket, I would have looked at you like you were a dragon with three heads! In all honestly, you know when you see a trend come out and you say to yourself “wow, so and so really pulls that off well but it’s not for me?”. Those were my exact thoughts about leather jackets- great on other people, but how the heck do I pull that off? Fast forward to this week and the spring jackets came out and I was having major FOMO: you have the suede moto jacket, the green utility jacket, denim jacket and on and on. 

To be honest, I have never owned a spring jacket. It wasn’t that I didn’t want one- I just knew there were other items I needed at the time and didn’t have room in my budget. So I finally put my foot down and said this year I am getting a spring jacket! I had my heart set on a light brown suede jacket but everywhere I looked- they were either sold out in the “budget friendly” category or  $160 at Nordstrom. I checked Old Navy, Target, American Eagle, ASOS, Abercrombie, Nordstrom…everywhere I could!

To clarify, for this type of closet staple I had set my budget at $100 or under. I kept an open mind and kept looking until I came across this subtle (very subtle) light pink leather jacket for $98. Y’all- I have never seen this color moto jacket before and I am so glad I kept an open mind when searching for my spring jacket because THIS. IS.IT.

Here is why I am so excited about this purchase and then I’ll get into the styling:

1. I stuck to my budget ( and you should stick to yours too!). Be honest with yourself when finding what works with your budget and if you are on the look for something similar, DM me or email me and I will do my best to find one for you!

2. This is my second order from Shopbop ever and I had no idea you could link your Amazon Prime account- how cool?! I gotmy order in 2 days! They also have free shipping and returns!

3. I have not seen anything like this before. Honestly, I haven’t. I always thought leather jackets came in the color black and that was it. So I am jumping up and down that I came across this unique find I can share with all of you 🙂 

4. The jacket runs TTS (I am wearing a small) and the leather is SO soft/ there are multiple ways to wear it (buttoned up to the side/not zipped up and open) 

Let’s get to it then- here is how I styled this jacket 3 ways!

Look #1
Look #2
Look #3

1. The Transitional Look- The title gives it away- this is how I would style this jacket as we are transitioning into spring. I kept my jeans(run TTS) to a medium shade and wore my favorite black booties(run TTS) and a lightweight black turtleneck(similar) or sleeveless black turtleneck. I love how the jacket lightens the entire look paired with these light grey Sugarfix by Baublebar earrings (under $13). 

2. Spring is Here- & let’s be honest, we are here for it, am I right? Forget the black top (okay I wear black all year round…) but now I am ready to fully jump into all the neutrals spring has to offer. I added my FAVORITE white peplum top(runs TTS) underneath this time (here is a popular short sleeve peplum top) with some white flower baublebar earrings(on sale for $14). V Important Styling Tip: because this jacket is hip heighth, it looks STUNNING with a peplum top layered undernearth! For kicks, I wore my grey suede Steve Maddens. 

3. Casual Cool- Let’s be real- half the time we wear leggings on the weekend right?! No judgment, I’m right there with ya! I am pairing the jacket with my favorite wunder under leggings(i sized up to a 4) and spiritual gangster cropped tank for that casual “I look like I could go workout” look (but really I’m just eating chocolate and drinking Starbucks so…..jokes on you!) I finished the look off with my fave neutral tennis shoes ( I’m feelin’ alllll the neutrals peeps!). 

So there you have it- the perfect spring jacket! Please send me a pic if you buy this jacket- I’d LOVE to hear your feedback! Happy Spring Shopping 🙂 


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