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Decorate your Bar Cart Vol.I: Valentines Day Edition

If you google the word Valentines Day,  the top stories are: “Costco $30 Valentine’s Day Chocolate Tower” and “Nike Air Force 1 High: Valentines Day Features Unique Zipper Collection”- really comin’ atcha from the heart right? In reality there are quite a few thoughts that you may be thinking when you hear the two words Valentines Day:

  1. Thanks, I’m single
  2. Who’s ready to binge eat chocolate with champagne and watch every rom com we can in a 12 hour period?
  3. Still single
  4. That’s just a hallmark holiday
  5. Date night with the hubs
  6. I really don’t even like the colors red or pink
  7. Single and ready to mingle

To be honest, I’m a mix of 2,4 and 5. Not long ago I was numbers 1,3 and 7 and had a pretty terrible mindset around Valentines Day aka single awareness day. However, my view of the holiday has changed and it’s not just because I’m happily married, but rather, I’m happily in love with who I have become as a person. Yes, I still have things to work on, but who said Valentines Day has to just be about always loving on other people? What about loving yourself? After all, a happy #1 makes for an even happier #2 right? 

So if you’re someone that’s single and reading this post saying why would I want to decorate for a holiday when I’m single- I challenge you to change your mindset and instead GIVE YOURSELF SOME SELF LOVE! Heck, maybe even throw a fun Galentines Day Party ( I am I am!) Mkay. 

Now that we’ve cleared the air on the whole Valentines Day debacle, let’s get to the fun part: decorating. 

With that being said, I have come to love decorating the house for special occasions, but I like doing it on a budget. For Christmas I do my best to decorate every single room, but for Valentines Day, I decided to just focus on one small area being our little bar cart/coffee nook since it’s central to the first floor and I’ll be able to admire the decorations everyday. 

How do you decorate on a budget? THE TARGET DOLLAR SECTION MY FRIENDS. It is GOLD. I realize that Valentines Day is still 3 weeks away; however, I also know that when Target has some great dollar deals- they get swiped up quickly! 

So let’s get to it, let me first show you the foundations of our bar cart/coffee nook: 

*side note: all Target Dollar Section items are not able to be linked; however, I will let you know which items are from there so you can look for them next time you’re at Target!


This wine glass shelf is very similar to the one we have from Pottery Barn and it's so fun to be able to display our wine glasses and put seasonal wine charms around the stems for a fun flair!
These white wine glasses are at a reasonable price point, wash very well and have been perfect for entertaining.
This bar cart was-. The top and bottom are part of our wedding registry and it has been a staple on our main level both mirrored ( and very easy to clean) and the cart itself is very sturdy. The wheels have locks so this sucker isn't going anywhere!
This nespresso was also part of our wedding registry and it's so easy to use and the lattes are absolutely delicious.
Okay, I'm now a broken record: also on our registry. This entire coffee nook/bar cart was our wedding registry idea haha! I love displaying a colorful mug for each season/holiday- such an easy way to decorate.

The LOVE baloon banner ( does not need helium- they give you a straw to blow it up) and XOXO banner are both from the Target Dollar Section. 

Now that we’ve seen the big players of this cozy corner, let’s get to where the other decor is from:

I always have *biodegradable* paper straws at the house for when we have guests over and to add more color to the cart. I put these straws into a mason jar- Target has packs of mason jars near the kitchen appliances for super cheap!
One of my best friends gave me this camera as a gift and it is SUCH A HIT at every party! I used it a lot over Christmas with my family and everyone had fun using it- even Nonna at age 92! You can pass the camera around and have people take funny selfies 🙂
I'm not going to lie: this is the dish I bring to parties with brownies filled to the brim. I have had this dish for years and it's a steal for $20- how fun though?!

The “This or That” game is from the Target Dollar Section- it’s a fun game to have if you’re hosting a Galentines Day party or even attending one! It helps to spur conversation and get to know your friends even better (i.e. are you a beach or mountains person). The wine charms in the ‘calories dish’ are also from the dollar section!

love mug
Pottery Barn is another go-to when it comes to holiday mugs and this one is no different! This mug is under $9 and they have an entire valentines day line with cute serving platters and plates as well!
My sister got me this mug for Christmas and it makes me happy just looking at it! This mug is under $5 at Target!

The Valentines Day dish towel ( came with a pot holder) and wine charms are also from the Target Dollar Section. 

I hope by now you can see that several of these items I owned already and once I had a color scheme picked out (pink and red)- I added in some Target Dollar Value Items and a $9 mug and then walked around the house to fill up the remainder of the area ( the ‘calories dish’, Fujifilm camera and pink straws). Most of the time once you have a color in mind, you already have some items in your house you can use 🙂 These ideas can be applied to decorating a bookshelf, etc. as well! 

I plan on creating a new bar cart look at least quarterly and will put all of my ideas here in the blog!

Let me know if you implement any of these ideas and tag me in your picture on Instagram @ciaobellaroses so I can see them!!

….& remember, LOVE YOSELF.


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